POEA bans deployment of OFWs in Venezuela

Date Posted: March 10th, 2014 11:15 AM


In view of the civil disturbances, instability, and external threat has been rocking Venezuela in recent weeks, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration's Governing Board has imposed a temporary ban on the deployment of Filipino migrant workers intending to work in the said country. “The POEA Board, in a meeting after consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs, has approved a Governing Board Resolution imposing a temporary ban on the deployment of OFWs to protect them from possible harm due to the unstable peace and order situation in Venezuela," said Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, who is also the Chairman of the POEA Governing Board. The members of the board who signed the resolution were Hans Leo J. Cacdac, POEA Administrator and Governing Board Vice-Chair; Felix M. Oca; Estrelita S. Hizon; and Alexander E. Asuncion; Members. Demonstrators in Venezuela have been staging rallies since February 12 to demand the resignation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The DFA, on 05 March 2014, raised the crisis alert level in Venezuela from crisis alert level 1 (Precautionary Phase) to crisis alert level 2 (Restriction Phase) because of continued violence in the country. It has also advised Filipinos in the country to limit non-essential movements, avoid public places, closely monitor developments, and prepare for possible evacuation. “In view of this, the Governing Board decided to impose a temporary suspension on the processing and deployment of newly-hired OFWs bound for these areas,” said Baldoz. Deployment records show that there was a modest increase in the total deployment of new-hires to Venezuela from 48 OFWs in 2012 to 71 OFWs in 2013. End/letmaring

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