Baldoz congratulates Pinay OFW for winning in X-Factor Israel

Date Posted: January 17th, 2014 02:17 AM


Baldoz congratulates Pinay OFW for winning in X-Factor Israel News of Rose Fostanes being the first winner in the talent reality show, X Factor Israel, has Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz waxing ecstatic, congratulating Fostanes for the win and making the country prouder of its OFWs. "I congratulate Rose Fostanes for her victory. She is rare," Baldoz said. Fostanes is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and her being the first season winner of X-Factor Israel through her soulful rendition in the finals of Frank Sinatra’s My Way sent the judges and audience alike to their feet for a standing ovation over her exemplary performance. Elated, Secretary Baldoz said: “Her victory definitely brings joy and pride to the country. She just showed the world that a Filipino worker is truly talented and can excel at whatever he or she sets her mind into. I congratulate her for being the hardworking person that she is and for pursuing her dreams,” Baldoz said. News has it that it was the first time for Fostanes, 47, to enter such a competition and to perform in front of a big audience, and when a judge asked her if she thinks she can win, she reportedly just said, “I hope so, but I will try my best”. "And the best she did, going into for the win in the very end," said Baldoz, adding: “Stories like that of Rose Fontanes will inspire all Filipino workers worldwide. In these times, it definitely helps that someone comes up front as a spring of hope from whom we can draw strength from. We are so proud of you," the labor and employment chief said. Israel is home to 36,000 overseas Filipinos where 29,000 works as a caregiver or nursing aides, just like Fostanes. Others are working as drivers, household staff, holders of temporary residence permit, trainees, missionaries, or UNDOF Philippine Battalion. End/rhev

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