Go through the legal process, Baldoz urges prospective OFWs to Malaysia

Date Posted: January 14th, 2014 02:08 AM


Go through the legal process, Baldoz urges prospective OFWs to Malaysia Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday urged Filipinos wanting to work in Malaysia "to go through the legal process" to avoid any problem, such as illegal recruitment. "I call on prospective Filipino workers intending to work in Malaysia to go through the legal process of employment. It's as simple as that," Baldoz said as a comment to the statement in the media of Malaysian authorities that Malaysia will launch a crackdown next week on illegal immigrants. "This is the same advice that I have to Filipinos wanting to work anywhere abroad to avoid any problem: They should follow the legal way of foreign employment, ask to know the proper, correct, and relevant information from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, and deal only with licensed or authorized persons and agencies," Baldoz said. Relative to this, Malaysian Home Minister Zahid Hamidi has been quoted as saying that Malaysia will soon issue a high-tech, security-enhanced identity card to foreign workers in Malaysia to make it easier for Malaysian authorities to weed out illegal immigrants. has a solution to Malaythe onset of the new year, almost 4,000 employers locally and overseas have posted nearly 80,000 job vacancies in the Phil-JobNet, the government’s official job site in the Internet. In issuing the call, Secretary Baldoz also warned prospective Filipino overseas workers that Malaysia has very tough immigration law, adding that recently, the Malaysian Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers and iIlegal Immigrants recently banned foreign workers in fast-food outlets and similar-concept restaurants in Malaysia, giving priority to hire local Malasyians because of their growing interest in the less-demanding cooking work in fast-food outlets. Baldoz, citing a report of Labor Attache Alicia Santos, said Malaysia's Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has defined a fast-food outlet as a business facility offering fast-food products and services, such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Kentuck Fried Chicken. According to Labor Attache Santos' report, jobs at such outlets already attracts Malaysian youths, school-leavers, and university students who wanted to earn money and gain an experience either as part-time or full-time employees. Nevertheless, Santos also reported to Baldoz that Malaysia had announced it would allow foreign workers to work in Malaysia as newspaper vendors, grass-cutters, as well as house and vehicle cleaners, and to work in shops, mining and quarrying, mangrove-logging, cargo handling, spa/reflexology, hotels, golf courses, laundry, barber shops, and in wholesale, as well as retail, and in textile businesses. END

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