36 OFWs and a child seeking repatriation from Yemen--Baldoz

Date Posted: January 10th, 2014 01:51 AM


36 OFWs and a child seeking repatriation from Yemen--Baldoz Following the escalating domestic violence which claimed the lives of 56 people, including seven overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), 36 OFWs and a child in politically-unstable Yemen have expressed desire to return to the country, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday said. “We are closely monitoring the situation in Yemen and are constantly in touch with the members of the Philippine contingency team there. The safety of our OFWs in Yemen is our foremost consideration,” Baldoz said. The labor chief made the announcement after receiving the report of Labor Attache David Des Dicang--whom Baldoz sent to Yemen to assist the contingency team--that 25 of the 36 OFWs seeking repatriation are medical staff employed at the Ministry of Defense Hospital in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital. Dicang in his report stated that the hospital is yet to finalize the 25 OFWs' flight details, but added they are expected to return to the country in three batches. "Their airfare will be shouldered by the Defense Ministry Hospital which also provided each employee a compensation package equivalent to a three-month salary and a bonus equivalent to a two-week salary," Dicang said. The 25 OFWs are Jacqueline Barrozo; Dulce Corazon Jimenez; Marilou Cayog ; Joshua Lozano; Maria Lourdes Barrozo; Jean Tamboong; Zyra Fajardo; Neivin Lusabia; Mary Grace del Rosario; Josephine Rocero; Selly Ruth Edanol; Jeffrey Nulo; Christine Love Deduyo; Diovel Bryan Ganac; Robelia Sinlao; Lovely Aiza Abegonia; Catherine Dimailig; Jopher Juarez; Ria Montemayor; Helen Valenzuela; Mary Joyce Ramirez; Alvin Venturina; Rhea Tabuada Jean Tamboong; Ma. Kristine Lorete; and Maria Krisitine Malimban. On the other hand, the 11 OFWs and the child who wanted to go home have expired visas and need to pay penalties computed at US$1.5 per day for the expired visas and US$1.5 per day for the expired work permits. Dicang reported, however, that the Philippine government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs, has made the assurance to shoulder the cost of plane fares of the OFWs. They 11 are Jasmin Bedia; Edwin De Jesus; Crystal Jade Dormitorio; Renato Mendiola; Leticia Dechoson; Kryselle Jean Mendiola; Almario Rigor, Jr.; Genalyn Suarez; Romel Martinez; Arriane Joy Mendiola de Jesus; and Roberto Dawedou, while the child is two-year old Mark Daniel Suarez. The Philippine government's Contingency Team composed of Vice Consul Winston Dean Almeda, Attache’ Rene Salazar of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, and Philippine Honorary Consul to Yemen Mohammed Saleh Al Jawal remain in Yemen to continuously monitor the situation, assist the OFWs in the voluntary repatriation process and conduct review of the current alert level. “Some OFWs have expressed their desire that the current Alert Level 3 be lowered to Alert Level 2 to allow them to go on vacation and be able to return to Yemen,” Dicang stated in his report. Dicang further reported that Vice Consul Almeda, head of the Crisis Management Team in Yemen, has been informed by the Defense Ministry Hospital that the monetary compensation to be paid for the family of the deceased OFWs is now ready for remittance, and the Philippine official had sought the OWWA’s assistance to get the names and the account numbers of the beneficiaries of the seven OFWs who died during the bomb attack, namely, Edward Anthony De Guzman; Hezel Puebles; Rosita Santiago; Ruben Valenzuela; Marivic Badenas; Mariane David; and Aurora Gormate. Dicang, who has arrived in Manila, said that before he left Yemen, he had assigned area coordinators in the Filipino community to assist the government in updating the list of Filipinos in the said country and to provide feedback in case of any unusual activities. "The area coordinators continue to be active and regularly communicate with the Philippine contingency team," Dicang said. The coordinators' assigned areas and contact details are as follows: Area Coordinator Tel. No. Co-Coordinator Tel. No. HADDA SABAEEN Esther Gahlan +967 713975593 Marilou Espanola 712582978 HADDDA MEDINA Raymundo Legara +967 711025799 Gloria Oliva 733678521 MEDINA SAAWAN June Sarmiento 712502878 FAJ-ATTAN Jenny Labog 713514574 Topher Mangalindan 712669014 MUJAHED Jerry De Leon 736307357 SAFIA Tet Beltran 734064147 Ronald Pacifico 737700273 BAGHDAD/ SUBEIRY Robert Mana-ay 716300716 Boyet Gammad 733445599 60h SREET Irenea Verzosa 711399107 BEITBOSS Roy Sabado 711268049 SAADA Jheng Nunes 07512788 HAJJA Celso Magno 713036597 ADEN Laurito Lito Tubig TAIZ Edwin Sarsagad 711201842 HODEIDA Rene Perez 712669113 Baldoz assured the families in the Philippines of OFWs in Yemen that the government is ready to protect them, and said there is no report of further unrest or terror attacks in the said country in the past three weeks, except for protest activities involving the Hadrami tribes of southeast Yemen. There is an estimated 1,300 OFWs in Yemen most of whom entered the country using visit visas but have found employment and acquired working visas. End/rhev

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