Overseas employment prospects in Middle East, Asia, and Oceania remains bright—DOLE



With the global recognition and respect for the skills and competencies of a Filipino worker, the overseas labor markets of the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania continue to be a viable option for the Filipino jobseekers.



In the 2014 overseas employment market projection, Philippine Overseas Employment Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac analysed global economic outlook of the two regional labor markets which will generate the need for more Filipino professional, skilled, and unskilled workers.



“The Middle East will remain to be a major labor market for OFWs in 2014,” the report stated as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) embarks on multi-billion infrastructure and construction projects in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, particularly projects which addresses social needs as labor; housing and education; health, transportation, and energy.








Posted at DOLE Website on 10 March 2014 at 02:33 AM



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