US labor dep't cites PHs anti-child labor drive

Date Posted: October 12th, 2017 01:17 PM

For the fifth year in a row,  the government's intensified efforts in eliminating worst forms of child labor was cited by the United States Department of Labor (US DOL) for its “significant advancement."


Based on Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor report of USDOL, the Philippines is one of the two out of 23 countries in Asia-Pacific to receive a significant advancement rating, the highest ranking in the conducted assessment. A total of 135 countries were profiled in the report.


USDOL commended the issuance of the Department of Labor and Employment's (DOLE) revised list of hazardous work and activities prohibited for children or the Guidelines for the Employment of Migratory Sugarcane Workers and the Revised Rules on Labor Laws Compliance System, which prioritizes the assessment of establishments and workplaces that employ children.


Also cited in the report are the regular conduct of training for Labor Laws Compliance Officers on Child Labor Assessment in enhancing DOLE personnel's capacity in detecting and assessing child labor incidents and the hiring of additional labor laws compliance officers.


The USDOL released the report last September 21, and marks the fifth year that the Philippines has received such citation.  


The report also cited the updating of the Philippine Program against Child Labor, a strategic framework which aims to withdraw one million child laborers by 2025.


The Philippines’ improved and inclusive enforcement of the Children’s Emergency Relief and Protection Act was also cited, as well as the establishment of Internet Crimes Against Children Office under the PNP-Women and Children Protection Center to combat the internet-facilitated commercial sexual exploitation of children and the conduct of trainings for enhanced investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases.


The launch of the Revised Standard Operating Procedures on Trafficking in Persons Investigation and the Manual in Handling Cases of Children at Risk and Children in Conflict with Law was also cited in the same report.


The report urged the government to further win the war against child labor by authorizing labor inspectorate to assess penalties, increasing the number of labor inspectors responsible for enforcing laws related to child labor, and the issuance of a proposed executive order to restructure the National Child Labor Committee. 


END/Abegail De Vega

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