Update on 1 March start of US $400 minimum salary for HSWS in Oman

Date Posted: March 11th, 2015 06:17 AM

Foreign recruitment agencies in Oman are complying with the US$400 minimum salary for household service workers since the start of the implementation of this requirement on 1 March under the Household Service Workers Reform Package, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said yesterday in an update on the matter. “Our POLO in Oman, headed by Labor Attache Nasser Mustafa reported that based on informal interviews of FRAs they have already posted the POLO memorandum on this issue and are telling their employers to pay 160 Omani riyal per month (US$400), or they don’t get Filipino HSWs,” said Labatt Mustafa in his update. It can be recalled that Labor Attache Mustafa had set 1 March 2015 as the effectivity date of the POLO’s no non-sense implementation of the US$400 minimum salary for Filipino domestic workers in Oman after her met with representative of 43 Omani recruitment and placement agencies on 11 February to request for the agencies’ cooperation on the implementation of the minimum monthly salary for domestic workers, among other issues. In his update, Mustafa said foreign recruitment agencies accredited by the POLO will comply with the US$D400 monthly minimum salary for housed service workers, although there are still some who are asking if they can go beyond the 1 March full implementation. But Mustafa said he thumbed down the request and instead asked the FRAs to submit a commitment letter to be confirmed by the FRAs. “Without this letter, the POLO will not process individual contracts and job orders,” he said. The POLO’s move, Mustafa explained, has sparked debate, particularly on the cost and the procedural difficulties in hiring household service workers, but generally, may are suggesting reforms in the recruitment process in both origin and host countries, and in ensuring minimum wages and decent working and living conditions. “On our part, that is precisely what we have been doing already—implement reforms, so we will not have much problems,” he said. Mustafa also said Oman’s Ministry of Manpower is quiet on the issue, but its Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a note verbal requesting the Philippine Embassy to provide them copy of the Philippine law stating that the minimum monthly salary for HSWs is US$$400 and the letter I issued to all agencies in Oman requiring them to strictly follow its implementation starting March 1, 2015. We gave them copies of both, through the Philippine Embassy,” he said. The Philippine Embassy, according to Labor Attache Mustaf, is supporting the POLO in its reforms. END

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