DOLE’s POLO Al-Khobar continues repatriation of Mohammad Al-Mojil Group workers

Date Posted: November 11th, 2014 12:35 AM


DOLE’s POLO Al-Khobar continues repatriation of Mohammad Al-Mojil Group workers Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda upon receiving a report from the Philippine Overs in Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the repatriation of nine Filipino workers roup (MMG) company. Based from the report of Labor Attache Alejandro Padaen, POLO AL-Khobar, eight of the were repatriated on 28 October 2014; the last OFW will be repatriated on 9 November 2014. OFWs Manuel Martin, Dexter Sioson, Alvin Waje, Ruel Remorin, Modesto Campo, Erwin Magbuo, and Ronald Siapno were the first batch of OFWs repatriated, while Ronnie Magoncia will return to Manila on 9 November 2014. The MMG, a group of companies providing construction (industrial and civil), marine, fabrication, and engineering services in the KSA and the UAE, employs about 5,200 Filipino workers mostly pipe fitters, iron workers, welders instrumentation technicians, heaKSA, and has been reported to be experiencing heavy losses for the past several years. A series of meetings were conducted between the POLO-Al-Khobar and the company to coordinate in resolving ised contracts of Filipino workers employed by the MMG, as well as settlement of monetary claims by the workers. “The MMG management has initially committed to the POLO in Al Khobar the payment of the salaries, benefits, and end-of-service benefits of the workers. In fact, it has paid their salary for July 2014,” said Baldoz. An initial report from the POLO-Al-Khobar stated that the company has repatriated 328 workers from January “We assure our workers both those who had been repatriated and those who are still in the project sites that the DOefits,” Baldoz said. “We have requested MMG to fully explore the option of transferring Filipino workers to other companies,” Dela Fuente said in his report. END/jda

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