Baldoz announces TESDA's conduct of workers assessment in Hong Kong, Dubai

Date Posted: November 4th, 2014 01:55 AM


Baldoz announces TESDA's conduct of workers assessment in Hong Kong, Dubai Filipino household service workers (HSWs) and other skilled workers in Hong Kong and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates can now have the chance of obtaining a National Certificate (NC) to raise their employment qualification that would open up opportunities for better careers. Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said this yesterday as she announced that the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is underway in its preparations for the conduct of on-site skills assessment in these two OFW destinations among Filipino HSWs, as well as other skilled workers, for the purpose of certifying them, thus, enabling them to pursue other career options. "Initially, the competency assessment would be in food and beverage servicing, housekeeping, hairdressing, and beauty care," said Baldoz after she was informed by TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva of the Hong Kong and Dubai assessment. "One who hurdles the assessment is issued a National Certificate (NC), which has a validity of five years. The NC is a valuable credential in applying for a job," Baldoz added. The TESDA provides competency assessment and certification services to workers who wish to confirm whether they possess the competencies required in their preferred jobs. "We want to provide opportunities to open pathways for different, if not better-paying and more satisfying, careers," Villanueva said. The on-site assessment is part of the HSW reform package that Secretary Baldoz had initiated and involved the upgrading of the skills of Filipino HSWs to enable them to move from the typical household job to work in positions in institutions, such as hotels and restaurants that require similar, or related, skills. Baldoz has tasked the TESDA to enhance the employment qualifications of OFWs, particularly HSWs, in countries with huge population of these workers, such as Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore, through the competency assessment. Relative to this, she had instructed the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices to conduct training in accordance with TESDA standards. In Hong Kong, the DOLE and the TESDA had profiled 296 HSWs from August 16 to September 9 in preparation for the assessment. The profiling of workers is ongoing in Dubai. A pool of TESDA-accredited assessors will be selected and sent to these two OFW destinations for the assessment, to be conducted in assessment centers of accredited tech-voc institutions that have established branches overseas. The government will continue to provide the necessary intervention, such as skills training, scholarships, job facilitation, entrepreneurship opportunities, and other training and employment services, Baldoz said. Under the on-site assessment program, any Filipino household service worker, including those who are not technical-vocational graduates, may accomplish the profiling form through the website of TESDA, accessible at Villanueva said the TESDA will announce those who have successfully passed the competency assessment in this website. Other qualifications where on-site assessment can be done are the following: Housekeeping, Cookery, Food and Beverage Services, Computer System Servicing, Bread and Pastry Production, Beauty Care Services, and other ICT qualifications. END/Lisa Rivera 09227374071

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