DOLE re-employment facilitation services ready for OFW-repatriates from crisis-stricken countries

Date Posted: July 14th, 2014 07:33 AM


DOLE re-employment facilitation services ready for OFW-repatriates from crisis-stricken countries Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday assured overseas Filipino workers repatriated from crisis-stricken countries, including those who are yet to come home but have signified intention to do so, that the DOLE is ready to provide them employment facilitation services if they wish to take another crack at an opportunity for an overseas job. "Overseas employment facilitation is just one of the services we offer to repatriates," said Baldoz, who cited a report by Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac saying the POEA is ready to assist repatriates from Libya and other crisis-stricken OFW destinations, such as Iraq and Kurdistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea who are looking for alternative employment. Citing the case of Libya, she said that majority of the OFW-repatriates from that country are skilled and professional workers, such as operations managers, project managers, materials and production planners, machine operators, blacksmith tool makers; bricklayers, masons, and tile setters; electronic data processing workers; drillers and well borers; electrical and machine fitters and assemblers; crane operators, earthmoving equipment operators; plumbers and pipefitters; riggers and cable splicers; structural and metal preparers and erectors; production supervisors, engineering technicians (electrical, electronics, and mechanical), civil engineers, electronics engineers, nurses, building caretakers, fire fighters, construction workers, mechanics; welders and flame cutters; and production workers. Baldoz said OFW-repatriates who expressed preference to go back overseas in countries other than their original deployment destination can avail of the government's employment facilitation service provided by the POEA's Manpower Registry Division (Tel. No. 722-1172; 722-11-76; and 722-9497) at the ground floor of the POEA Building and headed by officer-in-charge Cora Orticio. Administrator Cacdac assured that Jocelyn Sanchez of the Manpower Registry Division will provide the information on POEA-approved job orders, countries of destination, licensed recruitment agencies, job position, and salaries so they can compare and choose which countries they would like to work again in a similar position with more or less similar pay and other benefits," said Baldoz. "OFW-repatriates can also visit the POEA website at The website's job search engine displays these information, including what countries offer the same or related job that a repatriate previously held and its corresponding salary and other benefits," Baldoz added. She said Administrator Cacdac is setting up a desk at the POEA with a staff complement to specifically provide re-employment facilitation services, as well as relevant information, to repatriates. "I have instructed Administrator Cacdac to disclose all relevant market information to the public every time the POEA issues a ban on deployment so that OFW returnees can make wise and rational decisions about their plans. These labor market information includes occupations, skills, and wages in the country and in alternative destinations for those seeking employment or re-employment, as well as employment prospects or labor market analysis that includes information on deployment process and cost, visa information, and market players, or local and foreign placement agencies," said Baldoz. Baldoz further explained that OFW-repatriates with money claims and other legal problems are attended to by the Legal Assistance Division under the Anti-Illegal Recruitment Branch. The LAD, headed by Atty. Rose Duquez, is located at the fourth floor of the POEA Building along Ortigas Avenue in Mandaluyong City (Tel. No.722-1189). In his report to the Secretary, Administrator Cacdac said the POEA goes out of its way to interview repatriates with legal problems at the OWWA Halfway House on F.B. Harrison Street in Pasay City. Those who do not stay in the Halfway House, but go home immediately after arrival, can later visit the LAD or the DOLE regional office in their area. According to Cacdac, the LAD provides OFWs without a lawyer with one who can assist them and help them draft their affidavits. The LAD also monitors the progress of cases filed. A total of 17 repatriates from Libya have filed money claims/settlement claims/refund of placement fees with the LAD and it is now attending to these cases. For OFW-repatriates who are professionals and who decide to look for a job in the country, Baldoz said the Professional Regulation Commission, through its 45 Professional Boards, can provide them information as to the salary range that a professional, say, an experienced civil engineer, receives in the Philippines, which pays P50,000 (US$1,153.67) and above. An experienced electrical engineer in the country receives P15,000 to P500,000 (US$346 to US$11,536 in monthly pay, while an electronics engineer with at least 10 years of experience receives P100,00 to P200,000 (US$2,307 to US$4,614. A nurse with four to 15 years of experience, on the other hand, pays P25,000 to P70,000 (US$576 to US$1,615). An experienced master plumber receives P20,000 to P30,000 (US$461 to US$692). Other skilled repatriates who wish to seek employment in the country can look up for jobs at the Phil-JobNet, the government's official job search and matching portal which has a total of 324 vacancies as to date for operations managers (10 vacancies); project managers (4); materials and production planners (9), machine operators (34); bricklayers, masons, and tile setters (5); crane operators (3); plumbers and pipefitters (28); riggers and cable splicers (8); production supervisors (2); engineering technicians (16); electrical engineers (6); civil engineers (4); nurses (6); building caretakers (2); construction workers (4); mechanics (87); welders (36); and production workers (60 vacancies). The Phil-Jobnet has links with and, two of the more popular job search websites in the country which repatriates can also access and apply for jobs online. Baldoz said she has directed the DOLE agencies with reintegration mandates to complete the review of the full cycle of reintegration assistance and services for repatriates, designating POEA chief Hans Leo J. Cacdac to coordinate the reintegration assistance and services each of the agencies provide to returning OFWs. END

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