On contract verification of OFWs in the UAE

Date Posted: June 23rd, 2014 07:07 AM


On contract verification of OFWs in the UAE "The verification of contracts of overseas Filipino workers has always been a requirement under our laws and the rules and regulations on overseas employment which we apply for all countries of destination of our OFWs, including the United Arab Emirates. "The suspension of the verification of contracts of household service workers by the UAE is unfortunate. In this instance, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, or POEA, will stop the processing of HSWs contracts for the UAE, like what it did when Saudi Arabia unilaterally suspended contract verification for HSWs. "I have directed the POEA to do the same with contracts of HSWs intending to work in the UAE that are not verified. I am concerned that without the requisite verification, HSWs who will travel to UAE will fall vulnerable to human trafficking, which we must avoid at all cost. "Thus, I have also instructed the POEA to work closely with the Bureau of Immigration and the IACAT to ensure that OFWs intending to work in the UAE as HSWs on modes of entry other than a regular work visa do not fall victim to human trafficking. The POEA and the BI should work together to strictly screen workers going to the UAE on visit visas. The POEA will work with the IACAT and use its memorandum of agreements with various LGUs to launch a massive information dissemination on the deployment of HSWs to UAE. "I have further directed the POEA to advise licensed recruitment agencies to explore markets for household service workers other than the UAE, even as I strongly warn illegal recruiters against deploying household service workers to UAE. "Having said that, I am confident that the UAE and the Philippines will arrive at a mutually-beneficial agreement on the employment of household service workers similar to what has been concluded between the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, an agreement that is now in place and being implemented. The UAE has expressed interest to negotiate with the Philippines on this matter and we are glad to do so." END

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