POEA governing board imposes total deployment ban on OFWs to Libya

Date Posted: May 30th, 2014 06:32 AM


POEA governing board imposes total deployment ban on OFWs to Libya Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda-Dimapilis, who is also the Chairman of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Governing Board, yesterday announced that the Board had issued a resolution imposing a total ban on the deployment of Filipino overseas workers to Libya. The resolution, Resolution No. 8, Series of 2014, imposes a total ban on the deployment of OFWs to Libya following the recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs which has raised effective 29 May the crisis alert level status for Libya from Crisis Alert Level 2 (Restriction Phase) to Crisis Alert Level 3 (Voluntary Repatriation Phase) in view of the worsening security situation in that country. Secretary Baldoz signed the governing board resolution, together with POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac, Governing Board Vice Chairman Felix Oca, Estrelita Hizon, Alexander Asuncion, and Milagros Isabel Cristobal. In the DFA's crisis alert level system, Alert Level 3 requires Filipino nationals staying in a country are encouraged to leave voluntarily as soon as possible, with the Philippine government spending for the cost of the repatriation. "We have received a communication from the DFA Secretary on the new crisis alert level in Libya. Thus, the Governing Board decided to impose a total deployment ban on the processing and deployment of all OFWs bound for that country," said Baldoz. Baldoz said there is no need yet to send a DOLE augmentation team to Libya, but said the DOLE is ready to send one to assist the POLO if that is necessary. "Our OFWs in Libya are high-skilled and this affords them protection. Based on our experience, OFWs in Libya are highly aware of their situation and this makes it easier for the government to deal with security and protection issues concerning them," she said. Nevertheless, she urged OFWs in Libya to be calm and take extra-precautionary measures to ensure their welfare and safety. Only last 23 May, the POEA Governing Board issued Resolution No. 7 Series of 2014 imposing a processing and deployment ban for newly-hired workers for Libya, following the official advice of the DFA that raised the security alert level in that country from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 2. Based on POEA deployment records, total deployment of new-hires to Libya increased from 281 in 2012 to 4,093 in 2013. In terms of deployment, Libya has an almost equal number of professional workers, technical and related workers, production and transport equipment workers, and laborers. Total re-hires (balik-manggagawa) and new-hires in Libya as of end of 2013 is placed at 9,754, assuming that the re-hires who entered in 2013 have still live contracts. END

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