Two Filipino OPAs survivor of the Korean ferry sea accident, under POLO-Korea’s custody

Date Posted: April 25th, 2014 02:44 AM


Two Filipino OPAs survivor of the Korean ferry sea accident, under POLO-Korea’s custody Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday announced that Filipino overseas performing artists (OPAs) Emmanuel Ganaden Manio and Frances Alexandra Cabras, survivors of the sea accident involving the Korean ferry, Sewol, are now under the care of Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Korea. Baldoz made the announcement after receiving a report from Labor Attache’ to Korea Felicitas Q. Bay who said that the two Filipino OPAs appeared before the POLO last 18 April 2014, together with their promoter Seung-Pyo Hong of Music Bank Co. Ltd. to recount the events surrounding the unfortunate accident and their rescue by the Korean Coast Guard. “We are relieved that our two OFWs have survived this unfortunate tragedy,” Baldoz said. The sea mishap, which occurred in the morning of 16 April and which has claimed the lives of over 150 passengers, has riveted the attention of South Koreans. In their signed statements, OFWs Manio and Cabras recalled that the ship started its voyage at 9:00 P.M. of 15 April 2014 from Incheon to Jeju Island. While resting at their cabin at 8:45 A.M. of 16 April, they felt that the ship suddenly shifted and when they look out the window, they noticed that the ship was turning. When things in the cabin were already falling down, they decided to get out and crawled until they reached the “bridge” where they met with the other crew. They stayed at the “bridge” for 30-40 minutes until their rescue came. They were then transported to an evacuation area where they were given relief goods since they left all their things at the ship. OFW Manio was sent to Jindo Korean Hospital, together with other survivors who need medical attention, because of his wounded foot. In the afternoon, they were taken to the Coast Guard Station in Mokpo for questioning and for filing of their sworn statements. At this point, representatives from the Philippine Embassy in Korea came to visit them and brought some food and jackets for them. They were lodged at the Mokpo Hotel as they Coast Guard Police continued their investigation. On 17 April, their manager Hong Song Pyo came to fetch and bring them to Ansan. At first, the Coast Guard did not allow them to go but the manager appealed to them and they were then allowed to leave. On the train to Ansan, they received a call from the Philippine Embassy in Korea asking how they were and what their needs are. They were also told that a representative will come to visit them. However, their manager said that they will personally appear in the Embassy in the morning of 18 April. “They expressed appreciation to this Office for its immediate coordination on their whereabouts, the support extended through the Filipino community in Mokpo, and the provision of basic necessities and financial assistance,” Bay stated in her report. She further said that the two OPAs opt to be repatriated upon settlement or termination of the Korea Coast Guard investigation on the sea accident. “They were assured of POLO’s continuing assistance and monitoring of the situation,” she added. The labor attache’ also stated that the promoter was likewise advised to let the OPAs rest, as both still suffer from the shock and trauma of their harrowing experience. The promoter, in turn, expressed his cooperation in this regard. “We are happy that the two overseas Filipino performing artists who survived the accident are safe and in good condition, although, we are deeply saddened by what happened. We are offering our prayers and sympathy for those who lost their loved ones in this unfortunate event,” Baldoz said. End/rhev

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