Labor Market Information A. Wage Employment (Local or Overseas) 1.What are the job opportunities? There are local and overseas job opportunities. a.Local employment opportunities Local employment opportunities are classified as in-demand and hard-to-fill jobs which are in 15 industries/sectors that have been identified to come out the greatest employment opportunities until 2020. In-demand jobs refer to job vacancies which are frequently posted because these are important to the operations of the business while hard-to-fill jobs refer to job vacancies that have few applicants or are lacking in qualified job applicants. IN-DEMAND SKILLS AND COURSES A-1. In-demand Jobs under Agribusiness Industry: Animal husbandry Agricultural economist Coconut farmer Entomologist (Plant) Farmer (Fruit, Vegetable & Root Crops) Fisherman Horticulturist Plant Mechanic Rice Thresher Operator- Mechanic Veterinarian Pathologist A-2. Hard-to-Fill Jobs under Agribusiness: Feed Processor/Food Technician Fishery Technologist B-1. Hard-to-fill Jobs under Cyber services Industry: Animator Accountant HR Outsourcing Specialist Call Center Agent Medical Transcription Editor Computer Programmers, Developers (software, web) IT (MIS Developer) C-1. In-Demand Health &Wellness Nurse Herbologist Optician Optometrist C-2: Hard-to-Fill Jobes Doctor Physical Therapist Pharmacist Medical Technologist Laboratory Technician Physician/ Surgeon Spa/Massage Therapist Masseur Created: Jan 14th 2015, 15:27


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